Daniel Pryfogle

Cofounder and CEO with a vocation
to lead in between.

Monk and marketer. Theologian and entrepreneur. Visionary and activator. Daniel Pryfogle works in the in-between. 


He is cofounder and CEO of Sympara, which blurs the line between sacred and civic by repurposing religious assets for the common good. He is the founder of leadership and brand consultancy Signal Hill, which closes the distance between aspirations and action by helping people lead through story. And as founder of the digital news platform Senior Correspondent, Daniel connects generations by amplifying the voices of older adults for the good of society.

Daniel innovates by stepping into the gaps, where human resources and community assets are often overlooked or ignored. While others see weakness and problems in the gaps – and fear the risk and foolishness of this space – Daniel sees strength and

possibility. With hope and conviction, he steps into the gaps and goes "further up and further in," as C.S. Lewis put it.


An ordained Baptist minister, Daniel is the author of “More Mission: A Nonprofit Adventure in Senior Living” (ABHOW, 2016) and coauthor with Nelvin Vos and Melvin George of “Faith In The World: Mark Gibbs And Vesper Society, Being God's Lively People” (Vesper Society, 2009). 


Daniel's strengths illuminate his vocation and signal the value he brings to organizations. Gallup's StrengthsFinder assessment identifies his top five strengths as: Strategic, Activator, Belief, Significance and Command. In Gallup's framing, Daniel sees alternative pathways; translates vision into action; pursues big social goals because of his convictions and desire for meaning; and guides others by evoking their gifts and their longing for a better way. 


What Daniel longs for is the chance to catalyze creative leadership, leverage social capital, and maximize human potential, all for the common good. His hope is realized when he steps into the gaps, discovers opportunities, and finds kindred spirits who also lead in between. 

daniel@sympara.org | Twitter: @daniel_pryfogle

In memory of Sympara cofounder Marcie "Sister Wildfire" Giarrizzo (1948-2019) and member Desmond Hoffmeister (1960-2016).


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