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Aging for the Common Good

Leveraging the experience of older adults for a sustainable future

A new world may yet emerge from this challenging time in human history. What role will older adults play in the transformation?


That question drives Sympara's initiative Aging for the Common Good. As we repurpose religious properties for social impact, the congregations we engage are made up primarily of older people. They are the vanguard of a revolution to reimagine not just sacred space but spiritual community. So we're curious about the gifts that older people might share with neighbors as we travel together toward a new world.


At the heart of the initiative are online writing groups for older adults who share reflections essential to the well-being of individuals and society. Through a six-week facilitated process, each group explores experiences of loss, discovery and renewal and considers the role of elders in navigating change. Sympara partner publishes select essays and poetry.


The current writing group, which began October 3, 2023, focuses on the theme "The Poetry of Aging." The weekly prompts are lines of poetry by modern poets. These words, and the short essays they draw out of the participants, are about more than the reality of aging; the group is considering what this stage of life means for individuals and for an aging society. What are the gifts we might yet fully realize and share with others? These gifts are history and experience, stories and humor, lessons and insights: ways of surviving, thriving, and contributing.


To be notified of upcoming writing groups, send an email to


In addition to writing groups, future activities of Aging for the Common Good will include research into the unique leadership task of elders, mapping the assets of older adults through participant-driven research with congregations, senior living communities and civic groups, and intergenerational experiments for social impact.


If your community or organization wants to join Aging for the Common Good, contact Sympara cofounder and CEO Daniel Pryfogle at

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