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Energy in Abundance

A meeting yesterday reminded me of a reality: There is so much energy for good in the world. The energy is spirit, desire and talent, and it is abundant.

Some organizations and entire sectors (e.g. faith communities) look inside and see lack of energy. They miss the reality. In places of low enthusiasm, low commitment or even despair, there is energy. It's just blocked. Or sidelined as impractical. Or, ironically, resisted due to unsatisfied spirit, desire and talent.

Low enthusiasm, low commitment and despair are real. That's important to acknowledge. The energy for good is real, too. And it's essential for our well-being that we encounter it.


How? A low-energy organization must go outside itself. Leaders who look around and see nothing but deficit must look beyond their borders. Once outside ask, What's stirring here? Where's momentum? Ask, What's moving in the direction we want to go? The good news is that we can piggyback on that energy.

Once we do, the energy that resides inside awakens. Desire rises up to meet desire encountered. The energy beyond the organization draws out the organization's own spirit and talent. The energy out there evokes the leader's own gifts.

It's easy to miss this other reality. At my low points, I forget about the energy. Or I just can't see it. That is, until a question opens a window or an encounter like yesterday's meeting takes me beyond myself to witness a world of good. Then I can't resist. My spirit, desire and talent race out to join the movement.

Daniel Pryfogle is cofounder and CEO of Sympara.


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