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Holy Saturday

If you can get on the other side of Friday

before Friday’s sun goes down

and jam the door to Sunday

before Sunday’s sunrise

you might catch the end of religion.

From here you can watch the proceedings

and the many milling about

as purpose and chaos circle the dust

before a punch or stone is thrown

before the day’s definition.


If you can get yourself to a high point

before the main event

you might meet the Man who likes

this site and can make it all come right

before things go too far.

He will gesture and quote the poet

as the clever hopes expire

beneath a principled precipice

in an uncontained fire

and make an offer of peace per order.

Now, you don’t have to do anything

you don’t want to do

like make a deal for the next day

for the promise of another way

before this one is through.

You can sit down with the Man

and rest and even take his hand

as the clever hopes expire

as the flames go higher and higher

before tomorrow’s news hits the wire.

Daniel Pryfogle is cofounder and CEO of Sympara.


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